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Kanye West Shares Silent Film Depicting the Making of Yeezy Season 2 Collection

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to create a top fashion collection for New York Fashion Week, you’re in luck. On Monday, Kanye West released a short film that gives a detailed look into the tedious process for creating his latest Yeezy 2 line.

The all-access footage opens with the note “This documentation has no sound.” That’s right. It’s a silent film, but there’s plenty to see. From the factory machines stamping logos, to the models patiently posing at fittings, you’ll definitely feel like you were there from the beginning concepts to the final runway walk. 

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If you’re hoping to catch Mr. West happily working away, there’s only a few glimpses of the back of his head throughout the detailed sequence; but a brief smile of satisfaction was spotted at the very end. There is also an adorable shot of North West jumping with her arms in the air right before the presentation. Click here to watch the collection come to life in the Yeezy Season 2 Film.

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