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How to Be a Minimalist But Not Look Boring

Minimalism, done right, exudes a level of polish so compelling, it has the power to grab the eye of street-style photographers everywhere (the very same ones who are hot-wired to snap extremely maximalist, Insta-bait outfits). Done wrong, and it’s laziness masked as minimalism (as in, pairing any old button-down shirt with any pant). And it’s completely understandable why anyone can fall into that trap—it’s easy, and in the interest of saving time, it’s fast to piece together. It can also be boring.

To bring meh-nimalism to “minimalism” though, requires a little bit more thought. You’re working in a very limited spectrum of shades (minimalists are color- and print-phobes), which means, there’s a huge emphasis placed on tailoring, precise proportions, quality materials, and structured shapes. Subtle, yes, but these nuances make all the difference. For proof, we gathered 10 street style snaps of minimalists who have turned the stark aesthetic into an art form. Read on for lessons on how to achieve minimalism that’s anything but a snoozefest.

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