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Dial Up the Style with 15 Fun and Functional Cases for the New iPhone 7

Earlier this month, Apple announced the launch of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, sending technophiles into an expected tizzy.

The newest generation of the iPhone promises better and brighter features than any of its predecessors and now that the little white box has arrived, the next pressing matter at hand is: What do we cover it with?

With so many cases out there, it can be tough to whittle down the choices. Do we want a clear case showing off the pretty phone’s (glossy or matte) new casing? One with a bright and cheeky message? A luxe leather lining that will only improve with age? Whether you’re into fun patterns, bold colors, or minimalist design, there’s a cover out there for everyone and we’ve rounded them up, keeping both form and function in mind.

We’re already excited for all of the sharp, DSLR-quality ‘grams to come (RIP, built-in headphone jack). Scroll through for 15 of our current favorites, many of which also offer options for the iPhone 7 Plus.

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